Meet The Artist: Shae Anthony

Shae Anthony is an Atlanta-based illustrator and decorator who loves to blend pattern and color into every project she creates, whether a single illustration or an entire room.

Combining her background in fashion and love of graphics, Shae started her own business designing illustrations that not just represent women of color, but women of all shades. “She Is This” aims to inspire girls and women alike to not just embrace their skin but celebrate it and everything it comes with - because this skin, girl this skin is beautiful. 

“Seemingly impossible things like our goals, hopes and dreams can feel so unattainable at times. These lyrics reminded me that everyone has their own path and that while it may feel challenging and at some times out of reach, it can be done! Like the figures climbing the mountain to reach the stars, we are all at different points on our journey. But like the stars in the sky there's plenty for everyone. We can all reach them even when it feels impossible.”

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